What is EZPLAYZ?

EZPLAYZ  is a copyrighted animated football playbook which can easily be distributed to your coaches, parents and players.  It is a visually appealing way for you to explain the execution of your team’s plays while affording you and your staff more hands-on coaching time.

What software do I need and what are the minimum computer requirements?

EZPLAYZ was created in pdf format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or higher.


Will it run on my PC/Mac?

EZPLAYZ will work on either operating system

Can I see a sample playbook?

Yes! Each EZPLAYZ product has a sample play and sample PDF download of that play for your viewing. You also can download a Sample Playbook Here

I can't open the Sample Play Book

We have been made aware of a problem in Safari browsers where you cannot download the Playbook. There is a security feature in Safari that can be switched off, but we do not recommend this. To download from Safari right-click the download link and save the file to your downloads. We are working on a fix for this.

How do I pay for EZPLAYZ?

EZPLAYZ currently uses PayPal as our payment option. PayPal is safe and secure and allows you to pay with credit cards and checking accounts. If you do not have a PayPal account, signing up for one is free, fast and easy.

After I pay with PayPal I am returned to the Pay with PayPal page even thought I just paid. Why is this?

On rare occasion PayPal will return our customers to the payment page. If this has occurred simply click the My Account link at the top of the EZPLAYZ page and you will find your download link in the Order History Section.

Can I distribute EZPLAYZ to my team?

Absolutely!  Once the EZPLAYZ Animated Football Playbook has been purchased and downloaded, the Head Coach will be able to share the pdf documents with his players and assistant coaches via e-mail.

Can I share EZPLAYZ with other teams in my Association?

No you cannot.  EZPLAYZ is copyrighted and licensed for the sole use of the purchaser.  Distribution of individual pages contained in the ebook is permissible to your assistant coaches, players and parents of players only.  Distribution of this ebook or distribution of printed versions outside of your team is strictly prohibited. 

How many times can I install EZPLAYZ?

EZPLAYZ can be installed on the Head Coach’s laptop and home computers only.  Individual plays can then be distributed via e-mail.

How do I use EZPLAYZ?

Please refer to the EZ TO USE section on the homepage for how to use EZPLAYZ.

How many plays will I get when I download the EZPLAYZ Animated Football Playbook?

EZPLAYZ has 647 unique plays in 17 total formations (in 7 base formations). We have also used two blocking schemes for each running play (Zone Block and Blocking Rules) making the total number of plays 812. We are constantly developing new plays in various formations, so make sure to check back often for the latest plays.

How many formations does EZPLAYZ cover?

EZPLAYZ covers 7 different base formations at this time.  These formations include the Pro Set, I Formation, Power I, Trips, Wedge, Wishbone and Wing.

Does EZPLAYZ offer playbooks for Defense and Special Teams?

Not at this time, however, those playbooks are in development and we hope to be able to offer them to the public in the near future.

Are the plays animated against any particular defensive formation?

EZPLAYZ was designed to give the coaches and players a visualization of the designed play from pre-snap to post-completion/end of the run.  Due to the sheer number of defensive fronts and alignments a team may face during the course of a season, it is impossible to illustrate every scenario. 

Why are there no textual descriptions of the plays?

This is due to the reason stated above.  We realize that coaches are going to have to make certain adjustments based upon defensive fronts and alignments, not to mention the varying skill sets on your team. 

Can I alter or create my own plays?

EZPLAYZ cannot be altered, however, coaching points can be included in the body of the e-mail at the time of distribution.  This is how a coach can personalize his playbook based upon defensive fronts, alignments and varying skill sets. 

The EZPLAYZ numbering system and assignments are different than what I’m used to.  Why is that?

You could put 10 offensive coordinators in a room with an unnamed play diagramed on a whiteboard and I guarantee you that you’d get 10 different names for that play.  What EZPLAYZ has tried to do is utilize the most universal back and receiver numbering system, along with the most universal route tree, to give you a concise and comprehensive playbook.